90265 towing

You are all set for your trip, the car’s packed and you hit the road. But suddenly your car stalls, or you develop a flatbed, or you suddenly remember that you haven’t refueled recently. What do you do then? Whom do you turn to for help? The answer is – Malibu Towing. We are the leading towing service provider in Malibu. No matter what is it, or what time is it, be it the dead of night or the crack of dawn, know that you can always call us for help, and we will never disappoint you.

90265 TOWING

90265 towingTowing in Malibu has become an imperative part of life, what with the increasing number of cars and frequent accidents, you need a towing service provider whom you can always count on to deliver you from your sticky car situation, Locked out of your car, been in an accident, no worries, call 90265 TOWING and wait without worries.
Efficiency and quick service, that’s what defines us; with 90265 TOWING by your side, you need not ever worry about your car’s safety. We will treat your car just like you do and make doubly sure that it is correctly functioning, and all glitches are repaired before we hand it over to you.


It’s true that amidst various towing service providers in Malibu, you are unsure about whom to trust. Well, we hope the following facts about us are enough to satisfy you:
 Long years of being in the know-how of towing have enabled us to gain experience. And as it is known that the better the experience, the better the service you will receive
 All our mechanics are highly trained, possessing skill and knowledge that makes them able to solve any query of yours regarding your vehicle. Their honesty and reliability are also a significant factor that helps the customers to place their trust upon us.
 90265 TOWING believes in responsibility and timely assistance.
You can now obtain our services in other areas too such as 91337, 91335, 91354, 91355, 91385, etc. With Towing 90265 at your side, it’s time to sit finally back and enjoy the ride.